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Growth of the latest tablets, phones, and other mobile devices with bandwidth-intensive applications has created an explosion of demand for higher speeds whether at home or on-the-go. People want to be connected no matter where they are and 35,000 feet is no exception.

  • Access to the highest capacity Ka- and Ku-band satellites
  • Supports a fully functional office in the sky
  • Ka-band terminal performance: up to 100mbps download
  • Ka-band terminal performance: up to 20mbps upload
  • Medium-profile antenna mounts on fuselage of aircraft
  • Part of a complete high-capacity Ka-/Ku-band satellite system 
  • TCP acceleration and compression optimize use of bandwidth
  • VoIP & pico-cell based mobile phone connections supported




  • Tx/Rx medium profile dual Ku-/Ka-band airborne antenna
  • Suitable for Airbus and Boeing class aircraft
  • Ka -Band Rx Frequency 17.7 to 21.2 GHz
  • Ka -Band Tx Frequency 27.5 to 31.0 GHz
  • Ka -Band G/T (dB/K) 13.9 at 19.95 GHz at 35,000 ft
  • Ka- Band EIRP (dBW) 47.25 at 31.00 GHz
  • Ku -Band Rx Frequency 10.95 to 12.75 GHz
  • Ku -Band Tx Frequency 14.0 to 14.5 GHz
  • Ku -Band G/T (dB/K) 11 at 11.85 GHz at 35,000 ft
  • Ku -Band EIRP (dBW) 47.0 at 14.25 GHz
  • Elevation coverage 0º to 80º under normal flight maneuvers
  • Azimuth coverage 360º continuous
  • Swept Diameter 39.25 in.; 99.70 cm
  • Height 11.30 in.; 28.70 cm
  • Weight (Maximum) <160 lb; <72.6 kg
  • Antenna Power Input 115 VAC, 400 Hz single phase
  • Antenna Power Output 48 VDC/400 W nominal, 500 W maximum
  • Temperature Range Operating -55º to +70º C










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