Through a constellation of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites operated by Boeing, Iridium delivers voice and narrowband data communication services to and from anywhere around the globe. Only Iridium offers complete coverage of even the most remote points on Earth – oceans, land masses, airways, and even Polar Regions.

Iridium brings to market the simplest and most easy to use of portable satellite voice phones with one flat rate to call to anywhere on the globe. Small, lightweight and resistant to water, dust and shock, the 9575 phone with it’s omni-directional antenna is ideal option for those looking for a satellite phone that can be used whilst in motion.

Due to the intelligent cross-link technology used on the Iridium network it is possible to call directly from one Iridium phone to another, without the call ever touching the ground network. This brings into effect a 25% discount when calling from one Iridium phone to another – the cheapest in-network calling rate offered by any satellite operator.

With a range of accessories such as a docking stations, car kits, and fixed mast antennas, it is possible to use the 9575 in any type of environment. We can install them into vehicles, aircraft, ships and even your office.

Specialised equipment is also available to cater for many different applications such as ships, oil rigs, aircraft etc. In addition, Iridium also offers a proprietary network protocol that allows for small bursts of data to be transferred efficiently and cost-effectively over the Iridium network. This is ideal for applications that require frequent transactions, such a vehicle tracking, equipment and process monitoring, banking etc.

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